Prayer requests from BGEA Chaplains and Uganda

Tomorrow we begin serving homeowners by sifting ashes in the burned homes of Santa Rosa….looking for anything of value whether financial or personal….talked with several homeowners today who describe the speed of the fires as immediate..many got out with 1 to 2 minutes shoes…no jackets..simply their lives and the lives of their family …much pain but much courage. ..what a privalige to serve them..thanks for your prayers..please continue the prayers for homeowners and those who serve them..emotional strength and discernment in the restoration process…may God bless them each step of the way. .. Blessings

From Pastor Charles in Uganda

Dear Pastor Gary, I am better on treatment. Pray that God protects us against Marburg Haemorrhagic fever (Like Ebola) as one case has been reported in Yumbe and also against the fighting which has erupted among the Sudanese rebels near Choro and some schools near the boarder closed

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