Urgent prayer request from Denise Carlsen in Uganda

Hi PAstor Gary,As you might already know we have had some evil activity, more than usual in Moyo. Three days ago 4 people I knew, one NGO worker, one boda driver and two Pastors from the camps were brutally murdered. There was also a riot last week where my neighbor a politician was beaten almost to death and many animals were slaughtered, fires started fighting, trashing of homes etc. Then at my compound a group of trouble makers, muslims on motorbikes tried to intimidate me on my property to give them money.
God is doing radical work here, we continue to build the churches in the camps, go into the camps and have PAstors meetings and distribute Bibles and talking Bibles, equip and encourage, teach, preach and train, Baptize and encourage and love. It is truly a spiritual battle going on! Thank God I know who has already won. However, I can really use prayers, I am weak and there is so much more work to do before I head back to USA for my Doctors appointments.
Ephesians 4:11-16
lotsa blessings, love and gratitude,
Denise Carlsen

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