Update from Puerto Rico

Today was a day full of the Lords work. We started off our morning by meeting at a local coffee shop to give our devotions to the Lord. It was there we discussed Philippians 2 and were reminded we are to be like-minded with one another

“…having the same love, being of one accord, of one mind.”

After a period of fellowship and prayer, we made our way to Calvary Chapel Puerto Rico. We offered ourselves up as bondservants of the Lord ready and willing to be used for various disaster recovery efforts around the island. We met a few people from CCPR as well as friendly missionaries from Worcester, MA. After working out logistics and fellowshipping with our brothers and sisters in Christ, we prayed to the Lord and made our way to the first disaster recovery site.

We arrived in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico at the home of a family who had lost everything to Hurricane Maria. Here, we cleaned absolutely EVERYTHING out of the damaged home. Appliances, furniture, bedding, cinder blocks, broken glass, etc… The Lord really ministered to us here and taught us empathy for the familys of PR that lost their livelihoods and a renewed appreciation for the luxuries the Lord has so graciously blessed us with.

Once we completed the cleanup effort, we made our way door to door giving out food provisions containing miscellaneous canned goods, top ramen, water, etc…

It was through this effort that the Lord opened the door of opportunity to deliver the good news of the gospel. All working of one accord, of one mind….

Afterwards, we split into two groups. One half of our group went to an area called Lomas Del Sol where a woman was in need of help chopping down and removing trees that had fallen on her home due to Hurricane Maria. There was also plenty of debris to cleanup throughout the surrounding areas of her house most of which was damaged furniture and household items from the storm.

The second group made their way to another home to help move house items beds, book cases, tables, and other miscellaneous furniture that would be used as donations to other families in need.

The Lord is moving His gracious hands out here in Puerto Rico, and we are all collectively blessed and honored to represent our congregation but most importantly our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.”

John 13:35


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