Update from the team in Greece

Yesterday we were so blessed to be able to spend time with the church in Kavala. Kavala is the site of the ancient port city of Neopolis and it is where the apostle Paul first landed when he came to Macedonia. This is where the Gospel first came to Europe.

What a joy it was to gather together in worship and study Gods word. It was a humbling experience for me to teach these believers who like the Bereans searched the scriptures as I taught. I didn’t have to tell them what the word meant in the original Greek because it was their own native tongue. As they sang acapella I wondered if this how the early church sounded as they worshipped the Lord.

Our team also had an opportunity to share in worship. It was such a blessing to see and hear.

These believers are so precious. As evangelicals they are so often labeled as heretics by many in the majority Greek Orthodox faith. Walking with Jesus can cost them jobs, ostracize them from family and expose them to much ridicule. Evangelical Christians account for less than 1% of the total population and face indirect and direct persecution. They feel isolated from the rest of the Christian world. Hundreds of thousands of Christian churches visit Greece every year yet almost none of them will stop and fellowship with the churches here.

The church was so welcoming and loving, hosting us for a delicious lunch and then inviting us back to share in their evening prayer meeting.

Please be in prayer for the believers here. Like most of Europe Greece has become a post Christian society. Good is now called evil and evil good. The youth find it so difficult to walk with the Lord and so the church here is dying through attrition. Pray for the youth on our team that they will have an opportunity to minister to and encourage other Greek Christian youth. Evangelism is severely controlled here and in some cases is even outlawed. The church is aging as young people find it hard to stand for the Lord in the face of persecution. The church which Paul planted almost 2,000 years ago is in danger of extinction. We prayed last night with the believers for a revival in the church and an outpouring of God’s Holy Spirit. What an honor to stand with so many brave believers willing to risk it all for their faith in Jesus.

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