Update 3 from Greece


Yesterday morning at breakfast we had the privilege of hearing our tour guide Costas’ testimony. It was a beautiful story of his coming to Christ not only for him but for his father who was very against Costas’ decision to leave the Orthodox Church and become a Christian, so much so, that he considered Costas dead to him and kicked him out with the clothes on his back vowing to hunt him down and kill him, but God flipped Costas’ fathers life upside down and used Costas and other believers to speak to him in a major way.

After breakfast we set off to the city of Athens, where we got to see Mars Hill, and the Acropolis of Athens, where the Parthenon, Old temple of Athena, Temple Of Nike, and many other ancient sites are located. When we went to Mars Hill we went through Acts 17:16-34, in this passage Paul is preaching to the Epicurean’s and Stoic Philosophers. The Epicurean’s believed that the greatest good is to seek modest pleasures in order to obtain a state of tranquility, freedom from fear, and abstinence from bodily pain. The Stoic Philosophers did not believe in the resurrection, but to the Stoic’s the universe is a single pantheistic god, but one which is also a material substance. Paul’s sermon was short but powerful (less than 2min), it included everything from creation, to resurrection, to judgment. Paul understood that in their extensive pantheon, the Greeks had an unknown god, which was for the One God, a great mathematical mind that had created the world. Paul will now reveal to them the identity of the Unknown God. Athens was filled with statues dedicated TO THE UNKNOWN GOD. Paul proclaims to them the God who created everything, yet He is distinct from His creation. Paul proclaimed that God was bigger than any temple men’s hands could build (does not dwell in temples made with hands), and could not be represented by anything men could make with their hands.

Please pray for us as we minister to Syrian Refugees.

In Christ,

Hannah Mayo and Hanna Kusunoki

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