Update from the Puerto Rico Team

Today on our first full day in Puerto Rico we went to the Sunday service at Calvary Chapel Puerto Rico to worship with the believers and see how we can join in their efforts to minister aid and share the love of Jesus with the people of Puerto Rico. Pastor Jason taught on how Jesus gives light and life to us much like the sun gives light and enables life to exist on the Earth.

After the service we were able to join in by helping the church distribute aid packages of food, water and essential items to over 250 people who lined up outside the relief center for help. Our team helped carry bags of goods for the older men and women and shared the love of Jesus.

Later in the day we drove to the town of Humacao where the previous team in 2017 had provided aid. We wanted to make contact again with those people to see what their current needs are. We spent about a half hour at the home of an elderly women named Andrea encouraging her and explaining our plan to return again with a water filter system to allow her to purify water for drinking. Her daughter and a friend were also there from out of town and although initially they seemed guarded about our presence, when we explained our mission and desire to help they were pleased to hear we would return.

We also visited another woman named Angie who was very excited to see us because she remembered how she had been praying for help after the hurricane passed through when the previous team knocked on her door to offer aid. She gave glory to God and encouraged us.

Tomorrow we will return to continue ministering in this neighborhood and distribute water filter kits which are so needed.

John Harrell

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