Update 3 from Puerto Rico

Wednesday morning after devotional, we headed towards home depot to purchase 25 additional 5 gallon buckets for the sawyer filter sytems.  We then started out to Vega Baja, before reaching the station we had a nice breakfast at a little restaurant named Lemys.  Once at Vega Baja police station we were greeted by officer Luis, who remembered James V. from a previous trip to the island.  Luis gladly escorted us inside to meet the other officers as well as to meet Sgt. Lugo.  We then brought in cases of water as well as bucket filltration kits for the officers. Greg gave a demonstration on how to assemble the kit, he and Luis, then proceeded to make kits for everyone there in the office.  Greg, along with James V. also planned for a water line to be installed on the exterior of the building that would run inside to the break room for the officers.

After leaving Vega Baja, we traveled to Utuado. Once there, we visited a woman by the name of Beni, along with her 3 grandchildren, and her husband.  Beni, was very thankful for the returning visit from James V. and for the new faces as well. We were able to bless her with cases of water, food boxes donated from CCPR, as well as a filter kit. Our last adventure for the day was at the Utuado Police Station.  There we were greeted by friendly officers who remembered James V. from prior visits and were also glad to see new faces of the team.  We were able to bless them with bucket kits, personal kits, as well as a large food donation from CCPR.  James V. also had the opportunity to speak with Officer Dennis Marin, as well as Captain Miguel Pagan, in regards to plans for a future  festival with officers and  members of the community.  In an effort to strengthen the relationship with the police and members of the community.  Festivities could include food, water, music, distribution of needs the community may require, and most importantly the sharing of God’s love and word.
 I’m so blessed and thankful to have had the opportunity to be part of this missions trip, as well as part of this missions team. Couldn’t have asked for a better team, everyone has been encouraging, as well as an inspiration to me and my walk with the Lord.  To see God’s love and work flood this island has been the best blessing of all.  This island may have faced a tragedy, but they’ve persevered to see God’s glory.  To see an island torn apart, yet put back together with the hearts and efforts of those in the communities, law enforcement, church bodies/missions teams, national guard, volunteers, community leaders/ influence, government and countless other men, woman, even children IS and CAN only be the grace and love of God. I pray that the Lord continue to shine his light here on the island and that no one here has to live without, and that the Lord will use the open hearts of others as instruments to reach out to those in need even at the highest mountain tops.
James Strassburger

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