Update 5 from Puerto Rico

Learning to trust in the Lord.

Prov. 3:5

Prior to our trip, we had questions only God could answer and provide.  We prayed for his provision for us to go and he was faithful.

Leaning on his understanding, I have found that he has brought each and every one of us for specific reasons.  Each of us, on our mission team, has brought different gifts for His will.  Each allowing God to use us.

Through the many outreaches we have experienced, I have seen God’s love and his plans unfolding. There have been so many testimonies from the locals when their fears took over during the hurricane, but realized to trust in the Lord, then God provided peace.

One example was when we met with Pastor Hiram Sanchez, who during the storm was trembling with fear and truly thought all was lost, but remembered our Lord, prayed, and received peace beyond all understanding.

His provision is all we need.

Greg Gascon

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