Missions Prayer Updates

Tim and Priscilla Ives- Chihuahua, Mexico

– Praise Reports:

o Our Colorado trip was great!

o We got the final ok to start the Conversation Clubs on both UACH campuses next week!

o We helped with a Marriage Conference in Juarez on Feb. 16th- 18th. It went well, with God really encouraging and challenging the couples that were there.

o I have been meeting and sharing Jesus with a student named Brian for almost a year. A few weeks ago he joined us for church for the first time! I see God doing a work in his heart as he moves closer and closer to surrendering his life to Jesus

o We have prayed a lot about direction as far as serving more at our church- Capillo Calvario. God has answered those prayers and we are excited to begin serving more there as we focus on church- wide discipleship

– Prayer Requests:

o For our crazy schedule over the next couple months. That we would still carve out plenty of family time in the midst of it

o For the Marriage Conference that we are helping plan for that will be at our church on April 13th- 14th.

o For the Home Group that meets in our house every other week

o That God would continue working in Brian’s heart so that he would finally surrender his life to Jesus and be saved

o That the Lord would guide us to walk in His plan to reach UACH. Also that the Lord would provide for me to go to the CRU Mexico conference

o That God would lead us as we develop the home groups in our church and seek to disciple leaders and potential leaders in the church

Bolinger Family- Japan

– Hello and thank you for praying: We have actively gone to car dealers looking for a used car to buy. The discouragement comes and we continue to pray. We are beginning to dialogue with ourselves about just fixing our old car and keep it for two more years. We were given a small amount of money by the insurance company so if we could fix our car and move on down the road for a couple more years that would be the best situation we believe since we don’t want to commit to a monthly payment for 5 to 7 years. We wrestle with the pressure of using the Lord’s money in the most efficient way possible. Pray we can just fix our car’s radiator without having to replace the whole system. Pray we can fix the body damage from the accident so that the car will pass national inspection. Pray the rest of the car will hold out. Pray for Mihoko’s parents as they enter their 80’s they need a whole lot more grace. Things that were simple tasks and they had no problem with have become difficult or impossible for them to do. This time of year between March and April is the fiscal year end for Japan. Most all schools have graduations and companies have promotions and kids leave our English School. Pray for new students to come who will be hungry for the Word of God. Pray for Erlinda one of the school moms who is Filipino. She has a belief in God but she is not walking in the Spirit. As I talk to her she is very uncomfortable. Pray for the Lord to draw her to Himself. The church is not growing. It is a fact, I wrestle with just getting the gospel out. Pray for greater outreach. Pray for the Pastors conference in Okinawa next week. I am really looking forward to spending time in the Word and worship and just fellowshipping with other like minded brothers. Pray for a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Pastor Sandi Adams will be the main speaker. Pray for all the speakers to be anointed and share the Lord’s heart. God bless you all and thank you for praying.

Juventine and Elizabeth Emuku- Uganda

– Pray for the community around the church, that the Lord would move His hand to save. Most of them send their children to church, but the parents don’t come. Pray that the changed lives of their children will display God’s love to them and that they will seek the God who is working in their children’s lives.

– Pray for our medical staff and for strength and wisdom as they minister to many who are physically sick, that they are able to share the Gospel with them

– Pray for wisdom for Elizabeth and I. We are overwhelmed with what the Lord is doing within the church and hospital. Many needs come to us, as well as challenges.

Hearts 4 Africa- Sherill Sedillo

– Please pray for Sherill’s health and strength

– Pray that donors would increase so that the ministry could continue to operate on an ongoing basis.

– Please pray that God would bring someone alongside Sherill to help run this 501C3 as the many tasks are overwhelming

– Pray that our first employee housing block is completed soon and that the Lord would provide finances for more necessary employee housing, so we can get this facility open

– Pray that God would nurture and lead Majok is he is to pastor the church that Hearts4Africa has built in Iganga and to working for H4A in the HR department.

– Pray for additional board members, especially helpful would be an attorney and or a medical doctor.

– Pray for Dr. Patrick Kabbale and wife Chero, that they’re marriage and faith would be strengthened and that the workload would be lightened by additional medical personnel like a qualified Obstetrician who loves the Lord who would step forward and be willing to live and work at the hospital as the head of the medical staff

– Please pray that the shipping container arrives safely and promptly in Iganga and that it gets through customs without any problems!

Charles Jjagwe- Calvary Chapel Midigo

– Praise Reports:

o Safe travel of our brother Umari (former Muslim Sheik) to Soroti for 9 months

o Training in the School of ministry at Calvary Chapel Soroti.

o I traveled back safely to Midigo from Kampala with my friend Moses (former Tabliq sheik) who is serving along with me in the discipleship of new converts to Christianity from Islam.

o Start of rainfall which has brought hope of people growing food crops to reduce the famine which had started in the communities

o New Christian teachers who have joined our school to fill the gaps of increased pupil enrollment in the school

o Regular discipleship programs to the different categories of believers. We conduct weekly teen, men and women’s discipleship classes

– Prayer Requests:

o Protection upon church and my family as I am currently hosting 6 men who are former Muslim but now new Christian believers and undergoing discipleship. These men will go back to their homes as we arrange another discipleship phase.

o Continued provision for the ministry and individual needs.

o Wisdom and God’s leading upon the leaders

o Provision for the new fence of the School in-order to improve security to our school children. We need $4,500.00 to fix the new fence

o God’s provision for the High School Construction.

o Please pray for a fruitful Leaders and Spouses retreat. This has been rescheduled for May 1st- 4th, 2018 in Arua.

o For conviction and repentance of the person who stole money from our school. We are praying for the recovery of the money and God to guide the Police investigation team in handling this issue

o Pray for open doors to the High schools outreach program which we are conducting every week for the next two months. Pray that schools will allow us to preach the gospel of Christ and the Holy Spirit to convict the students for salvation. Most of these schools are headed by Muslim head teachers.

o Restoration of peace in the country. There have been waves of abductions and killings in the country.

Brechtel Family- Oaxaca, Mexico

– Praise Reports:

o We are feeling settled in our new home in Rosarito

o We had an amazing time serving with CCSJC at the event for the chaplains in Tijuana

o We had our first visitors from CCSJC which was a huge blessing

o The boys have been making friends on our street! Two boys have come over to play which is a HUGE praise report

– Prayer Requests:

o That we would continue getting more and more settled into a routine for homeschool and ministry

o For us to be faithful to all that the Lord gives us to do

o That Allison will get more comfortable sharing in front of people

Jake & Jenn DeRose- Montebelluna, Italy

– For the upcoming Bible College semester. Specifically for more students to apply

– The progress of the building, wisdom and financial provision

– For us to have strength and wisdom for serving in the many different areas

– More people to be raised up in worship ministry, college and youth ministry

Cal & Jessie Stuebner- Calvary Chapel Managua, Nicaragua-

– Please pray for Bismark. He is seventy years of age in a wheelchair, double amputee who is faithful to always be at church for everything, including out on the streets to evangelize. He is in the hospital with heart trouble.

– Please pray for Daniel and Laura Ulate. They are new missionaries who arrive tomorrow (Thurs) from Costa Rica.

– Please pray for Jessica as she teaches cosmology in her astronomy class. That God would be glorified and remove doubts from some.

– Please pray for Marvin Mendez as he will teach the midweek tonight. He also needs to find a permanent job.

Reeves Family- China

– Steve is still in recovery. Getting better day by day, but slower than we were hoping for.

– Please continue to pray that his body will fight any lingering infections and that his gut will begin to function normally. We are hoping he can return home on Sunday. The Dr. thinks this may be too optimistic, but that it our prayer.

– Would you please continue to intercede for us? And please continue to pray for Carissa and the kids as it has been a very trying time for them as well.

Keith Britton- Costa Rica

– Please pray for our newest missionary, Keith, who is returning to Costa Rica this week! Please pray that everything gets in place for him to go back and that as he wraps up things in the states that it would be a smooth transition.

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