Missions Prayer Update

Brechtel Family- Oaxaca, Mexico

– Praise report for us getting our Visa cards officially! It was such a long process. Our house is filled with kids playing every day. Praise the Lord for that!

– Prayer Requests:

o A young man who Jon had been trying to help over the last few years passed away on Saturday, tragically. Please cover the family in prayer as they deal with this grief and heart break. We will be up at the memorial. They attend CCSJC.

o Please pray for us to build the team that the Lord will have go with us to Oaxaca next year. We are having a guy from the church over tonight to talk about him possibly committing to go with us for 6 months.

Bolinger Family- Japan

– Please pray for Kazue’s mother as she has been hospitalized and isn’t eating. She is down to 80 to 90 lbs. At 88, it is very hard to recover. She has had heart issues and the medication has been messing her up. Pray for her salvation. Kazue wants to share with her mom but she is struggling and I think God Is at work more in Kazue’s heart that she would just simply trust Him.

– Pray for Yuna as her cheek has swelled up so bad that the clinic sent her to the big hospital where they are treating her. Pray she recovers and the swelling goes down.

– Pray for the upcoming All Japan Calvary Chapel conference in May. Pray for the speakers and all. Pray for our Easter Service that many would come and hear the good news “He is risen!” God bless you all and thank you for praying.

Jake & Jenn DeRose- Montebelluna, Italy

Prayer Requests-

– Health Insurance: We inquired for the cost of health insurance for both of us here in Italy and it’s about 1,000 euros. If any feels led to donate to that great need it would be greatly appreciated seeing as we don’t have that money right now. Even a little bit will help.

– Bible College Semester: The Bible college semester is in full swing and its getting very busy and stressful in the sense of a lot to do and prepare. Jenn is studying for her teaching for women’s discipleship. I’m studying for my Psalms class I’m doing twice/ week

– Building Project: Lots and lots of prayer is needed for our building project. It is very complicated getting all the construction approved from the city, and the finances and teams being organized to come and help. We the staff are over there twice/ week working full days trying to get it ready and us moved in. Pray for wisdom, grace and strength to keep building the walls!

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