Prayer request from Pastor Dan in Japan

Pastor Gary I Kusunoki

Begin forwarded message:

From: Dan Bolinger <danbolinger>
Date: March 30, 2018 at 21:36:46 PDT
To: debi <debi>, louie, Gary Kusunoki <pastorgary>, Felice Ip <fip
Subject: Quick prayer

One of our Church members’ mother Mrs. Suzuki, is in the hospital. She visited our church once a few years ago. We don’t know how much longer. We’ve been asked to come and pray for her. I’ve shared about Christ with her before but she did not respond. We prayed with her a week ago and I anointed her with oil. Could you say a quick prayer to ask the Lord to bind the enemy and for her to be free from distraction and to have the alertness to receive the Lord Jesus as her Savior? Thank you guys.


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