Bolinger Prayer and Testimony

From Pastor Dan in Japan.

Pastor Gary I Kusunoki

Begin forwarded message:

From: Dan Bolinger <danbolinger>
Date: April 2, 2018 at 00:06:18 PDT
To: Dan Bolinger <danbolinger>
Subject: Bolinger Prayer and Testimony

Prayer Request (Testimony below)

Thank you for praying: Hallelujah, Mrs. Suzuki prayed to receive Jesus. At 87 years it is never too late to pray. Never give up on the elderly. We also have a praise as we got a (Used) new car. It is two years newer than we had before. It cost us nothing. God is Good and gracious. It even came with road side assistance for a year and a years warranty. PTL. Pray for the upcoming CAJ (Christian Academy Japan) Bazaar. We serve at the kids school there to help the school raise money for the programs that the PTA helps with. It is a lot of work and there needs to be a lot of coordination. Pray for Yuna’s continued healing as a couple of teeth caused her jaw infection and the need for surgical extraction. She is recovering and thanking the Lord. Pray for the upcoming CC Japan Conference. All the Calvary’s get together once a year and celebrate Jesus. Pray for the speakers and the workers.

Thank you for praying.


I finished praying with “Iesu sama no namae ni inotte Amen!”It was the sinners prayer a prayer I have prayed many times over and over again in English and in Japanese. Even in my rebellious days away from the Lord in the Army 30 years ago I could tell someone about the salvation of my Lord and Savior Jesus. But this time was the most radically different. Teru san was dying. Stage 4 stomach cancer had spread everywhere in his body. They were making him comfortable for the inevitable. I was blessed to visit him in his hospital room. The time is short, no more games. I stood almost 20 years prior at another death bed. It was my 4 year old sons bed. We had been waiting for a heart transplant for two months. His body was getting weaker. The docs have kept us hopeful. We were with all faith praying constantly. God was going to pull through. Then Caleb passed. It wasn’t what I was praying for. He received the perfect healing by going to heaven. I was praying for a temporal healing to keep him here on this earth. We had prayed with him to receive Jesus into his heart already. But I just knew Jesus was going to heal him and allow us the privileged of walking this life with him together. He belonged to God we gave him back at his baby dedication. But it rocked my faith. Was he in heaven? Yes! Was our kiddy prayer good enough? Yes! But roll the film to me standing looking at Teru san a 37 kilogram shell of a man with massive stage 4 abdominal cancer. I had to pray in Japanese. I asked my ministry partner to do the prayer of salvation. He insisted, as Japanese do, to give the honor to the sensei. I was that sensei. All of a sudden the spiritual warfare started to fly. I lost confidence in my Japanese. I stuttered. We got though it as I spoke bad grammar he corrected it for me as he repeated. We chuckled at the end. He kind of questioned the validity of praying such a simple prayer. I told him, “It is by grace through faith you are saved not by a prayer.” “Do you believe in Jesus as your Savior?” He said, “Yes.” “Then you are saved.”The enemy began his attacks on me. I was elated yet, as soon turned to walk out, I began to doubt. Did I mess up his eternity? Was that simple prayer really enough? The next week we went back and Teru san was gone. He entered eternal life. Satan continued his attacks. What are you doing in Japan? You suck at speaking Japanese and you pretend to know what your doing but you really don’t. I was tore up inside. I wanted to quit ministry. I need to go back to seminary again. I’m messing around with eternal life. It’s not just inviting men to Bible study or church or a potluck. We are talking about ETERNITY forever and ever separated from God. Am I a facilitator of Eternal life or Eternal death. Oh the attacks made me so depressed. When our car had a radiator leak and got in a crash I used that as my excuse to bow out from helping homeless who are like Teru San. I quit. I quit studying Japanese, I quit doing outreach. I quit spending time with the Lord except to prepare for the Bible study on Wednesday or Sunday’s. I didn’t even want to lead worship anymore. Instead of three or four songs it was two and one time I just played one song on a Wednesday night and jumped into study. What was wrong in my heart? Was what I have normal? Was this a kind of PTSMD (Post Traumatic Stress Ministry Disorder)?

Saturday was a beautiful spring day. Teru San had been gone now 6 months. I am at another bedside. Mrs Suzuki has had a bad heart and the medication was messing her up. She’s been in the hospital for a week adjusting her medication. The prognosis was sketchy and unknown. She had stopped eating and was just skin and bones. We got to praying in Church. We got others praying. I commanded Suzuki san’s daughter to share her testimony and faith with her mom. She was nervous. She did share and prayed for her mother in front of her mother for the first time. She asked if we’d come and pray with them at the hospital? There by her bed side the enemy attacked me with confusion and scattered thoughts. This time I had a translator my wife Mihoko, and we got through it, but it was still unnerving something so natural has now become confusion and weakness. I left Suzuki San’s hospital room praying asking God for confirmation of her salvation. The Holy Spirit began pouring over me like wave after wave pouring over my soul telling me. “Well done.” I was tearing up thanking Jesus for his goodness. God does use the foolish things of this world to confound the wise. His grace is so amazing. It is not what I am doing but what he has done. I am getting better and gaining more confidence but is that a good thing. In my weakness I am closer to the Lord now more than ever. Maybe I should stay here. But we all know that is just like a Peter to want to stay on a mountain and build monuments. No we need to get back to the hospitals and homeless and continue sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. Thank you all who keep us in prayer. The spiritual warfare has been in overdrive lately. How we get through is purely the grace of God and your prayers Doumo Arigatougozaimasu.

​In Christ,


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