Missions Prayer Requests

Cal & Jessie Stuebner- Nicaragua: Please continue to pray for Jessica. She got an IV at the hospital and is feeling much better. She should be able to return to work tomorrow.

Bolinger Family- Japan:
Praise reports!
– Mrs. Suzuki prayed to receive Jesus at 87 years old!
– We got a new (used) car. It is two years newer than the one that we had before and it cost us nothing. It even came with roadside assistance for a year and a years warranty. PTL!
– Please pray for the upcoming CAJ (Christian Academy Japan) Bazaar. We serve at the kids school to help the school raise money for the programs that the PTA helps with. It is a lot of work and there needs to be a lot of coordination.
– Pray for Yuna’s continued healing as a couple of teeth cause her jaw infection and the need for surgical extraction. She is recovering and thanking the Lord.
Pray for the upcoming CC Japan Conference. All the Calvary’s get together once/ year and celebrate Jesus. Pray for the speakers and the workers.

Keith Britton- Costa Rica:
– Please pray that his new debit card would come in quickly and he would be able to access his funding to get new glasses (his broke and the other pair fell and got all scratched up)
– Continue to pray for good health and for the Lord to bless the ministry there
– Pray against attacks of the enemy

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