Prayer update from Nepal

Greetings from Kathmandu, Nepal!

We had a blessed day of fellowship yesterday with the staff. We met the new co director of the Bible College and his family. Gary taught at the Bible College this morning after he had 4 of the students share their testimonies. Wow is God doing a great work. Three of the young men and one young woman shared.

One young man shared how he had been paralyzed crawling around on his hands for 2 years and was hopeless. He had gone to doctors, witch doctors and no one could help him. He was depressed and in despair when someone shared Christ with him. He accepted Christ and in one week he could walk again.

The 2nd one lost his voice for a year and no one knew why. No one could help him. Then someone started sharing Christ with him. After he accepted Christ within a day his voice came back and his family asked him what he did and he said, “I accepted Christ into my life and my voice come back.”

The third student was the young woman whose family and whole village is Hindu. She never felt comfortable doing idol worship, but that was the culture. A man in her village accepted Christ and was persecuted by the whole village, but he continued to learn about Christ and became a pastor. He did door to door evangelism and she came to Christ. Her family persecuted her, but her pastor continued to encourage her. He told her about the Bible College and now she is happy to be learning more about Jesus.

The fourth was a young man into drugs and witchcraft. Everyone called him a madman. He lost all his friends and was going crazy. He was so isolated and in despair, his family tried to help, but he could not stay away from drugs. His family was saved. He went to church and started to hear about Jesus, but did not accept. One day he asked Jesus to help him if he was real and accepted Him. He went home and his family wasn’t sure about him and if this real. As he sat with them he felt this flame come into him and he has never been the same. He came Bible College to learn more about Jesus and wants to help other addicts to know Jesus and become followers.”

I am humbled and blessed to be a part of these brothers and sisters in Christ. I am so blessed to see how God is using the church and Bible College to bring people to the saving knowledge of Christ and to build up and encourage the body here in Nepal.

Prayer requests:
Jay the other co-director of the Bible College’s son has been sick for several days.

Gary- teaching at church on Saturday (Sunday is a work day in Nepal)

Carol- teaching the women on Tuesday

Our trip to Ghorka on Sunday to meet with the men who first came to Christ back in 2015.

Continued health for the three of us.

Thank you for holding us up in your prayers. Be assured that God is Hearing and is answering them.

Love in Christ,


Pastor Gary I Kusunoki

One thought on “Prayer update from Nepal

  1. Praise our great God who daily loads us with BLESSINGS!!! And hears our cries to him. Keeping you all in daily prayers. Jesus is VICTOR!!
    Stella 🙂

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