Nepal Team Update

This morning James and I were invited to the National Police Academy (NPA) to visit a friend of mine who is a Deputy Inspector General of Police for the Nepal Police Force. Nepal has a national police department with some 75,000 police officers. The National Police Academy is the training arm for all the ranking members of the police force. The Lord opened an opportunity to share a short greeting with a class of Police Inspectors as we toured the facility.

I was able to tell them that I was a retired police officer working for a Christian organization that has been helping in their country since the earthquake. In a majority Hindu country they do not often interact with Christians especially in the ranks of law enforcement. There is much pressure in the country to enforce their anti-conversion law which makes it illegal to change your religion or proselytize. This essentially makes sharing the Gospel a crime in Nepal punishable by a mandatory five years in jail. It is important that these police officers get another perspective of Christians.

We also found out that my friend is in the running for Inspector General of Police. He could be head of the entire police force in the country. This is supposed to be announced within the next 48 hours. Please be in prayer that if it is God’s will he will put our friend into this crucial position.

Also continue to pray for us. Carol and I got pretty sick over the weekend and while we are both feeling much better we are a little weak. Carol is teaching the ladies study tonight with the women from the Calvary Chapel Bible College.

We are also going to visit a leper colony where we are providing a hot meal for about 200 residents there. Calvary Chapel of Kathmandu has been visiting there for the last couple years and our church has funded some of the work there. Most importantly we have been sharing the love of Jesus Christ with these people who are despised and rejected by their communities.

Pastor Gary I Kusunoki

One thought on “Nepal Team Update

  1. What a great report!.
    We do hope and pray you and Carol are feeling 100 percent better and praying for your friend.
    We pray the eyes and hearts of Nepal are opened and all imaginations cast down.
    All in Jesus Name!

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