I woke up this morning to millions of white ant wings! They love to eat these here🙁
The boys took down a huge termite mount on our property today. I kept telling the contractor that the posts for the container to sit on were not level. I had one of our other contractors check it, and it was 2 inches off! They fixed it today and they are now level! Uganda Revenue Authority cleared the container today but the National Drug Authority didn’t show up. Praying they clear it tomorrow 🙏🏻
Counters are being built in the lab and the incinerator was started today. So much to do!!!
One of Dr. Parick’s uncles that is 71 years old came by to day and told me a story about what he told Patrick when he was a small boy. It is too long to share now, but I can tell you that the Lord had this planned that many years ago. My heart is overwhelmed that the Lord would call me to be the first Mazungu (white person) to come to this village. I am praying that Dr. Patrick will come be able to come to our fundraiser October 13, 2018 and share his story! Sent from my iPhone

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