Update from Keith Britton in Costa Rica

Subject: Mission update

Hello my friends, I pay this finds ya’ll blessed in all you do for His Kingdom.
Returning to mission work was a blessing, as I was starting to feel a little anxious about being in the states so long.
Everything was in order when I got back with very little need for change. I wrote about earlier i’ve been in a financial bind as someone hacked my checking account, so the bank closed it for my protection….Problem i haven’t been able to get money, so i’ve been borrowing from Peter to pay Stanley, which has made my life a little hectic to say the least! Please keep that in prayer, also my 87 Land Cruiser is still in the Mech… why?? the vehicle smog control station said I had to repair it or park it. That will cost another $400. to $500. The bright side is that i’ll have a totally reconditioned car. God knows what I need! I love working for Him!r
All the above works right in to what I’ve been explaining to the the men about Spiritual War, @ 2 Corinthians 10:1-6. they are really starting to understand the seriousness of this daily conflict. In my Bible Study tonight I’m going to go ever my some of the last two days of Spiritual warfare and see how many can pin point their own warfare? Should be interesting!

Jesus Christ is everything

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