Nepal Update 0418

Greetings from Nepal.
> Today we were blessed to travel to a Leprosy Colony that has become part of the ministry here. Pastor Gary, Carol and Rajiv had the opportunity to share the love of Christ and present the Gospel to a women here. Pray that as she comes to acceptance of His saving grace. >

> Our church provided funds for a meal and with the help of the students at the Bible College, feed about 200 people. The meal was extra special, not the standard meal but a meal that was a custom for weddings. They were so appreciative and gave thanks to God for the blessing.


> Many here have accepted and know Jesus as their Lord and Savior. This happy lady I have had the pleasure of knowing tells of her love for Christ and that He brings a joy and peace even in her circumstance. Through translation, she says that not even her family visits her. I told her we are children of God and are family. She told me that because of the blood of Jesus we are brother and sister.

> It is a blessing to be remembered and greeted with smiles to be encouraged and humbled. I was looking for a man that I have been seeing on the last few trips. I asked one of the leaders, showed her a picture and she said he passed a way a few months ago. My heart is heavy. >

> Continue to pray for the people of Nepal and for the forgotten here at the Leper Colony. >
> Blessings,
> James Vaca
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