We went today to Jinja to meet the National Drug Authority and customs agents at our container. They unloaded every single item, checked every single item for the expiration date. They wouldn’t let us keep anything that had an expiration date before October 2018. It was such a nightmare!
Started at 9:30 and finished about 5:30. There were things that were on our container that I did not put and, and my exam tables I did pick out we’re not on the container. The lab chair it is pretty torn up. IV poll’s they told me were not on the container where on the container. Now they are telling me that it may take a week or two before the container may not be delivered to our site, and I leave Monday night. Every day that the container remains there we have to pay for it, things are just so crazy here. I am Physically and emotionally drained tonight. I could really use your prayers. Lord, I praise you in the midst of my troubles…

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