Nepal 0418 Final Update

I want to tell you about a woman we met named Ganyanimaya. She is a leper. We met her as we walked by her house at the leper colony and she came crawling out to us. I say house but what I mean is a small one room hovel.

Leprosy is still an incurable disease and once they contract it they are sent to a leper colony for the rest of their life. They are truly rejected by family and society. Out of fear no one will ever touch them. The government does supply some of their basic needs but not all of them.

Ganyanimaya also had bad cataracts which they have not been able to correct even with surgery. Now almost blind and with no hope. She sat in the doorway and talked to us. She was a Hindu so we asked her if she had ever heard about Jesus. She said she had heard the name but didn’t know anything about Him. We were able to share the Gospel with her as Carol held her by the stubs that used to be her hands. We told her that Jesus sent us to tell her that He loved her. We said that His heart was to heal her from the inside out. Jesus wanted to heal her broken and empty heart if she would let Him. We told her about heaven and that if she accepted Him one day she would be healed forever.

She said she wanted to think about it and talk to her sister before she made a decision. We prayed that God would show us how real He is.

Pray that the Lord would heal her. He can heal cataracts and He can heal leprosy. Pray she will come to a saving knowledge of Jesus.

God is doing a work in Nepal! Even as the persecution increases the church is more committed than ever. They are ready to go to prison for Christ if necessary. The government is warning that they will begin to enforce the anti-conversion law that makes it illegal to share the Gospel or change your religion. They are supposed to start cracking down next week.

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