Prayer Requests from the Stuebner Family, Nicaragua

Cal and Jessie Stuebner:

  • Please pray for our marriage and health to stay strong – especially our health. We’ve had a lot of health struggles lately.
  • Please pray for Jessie as she approaches the end of another school year (in June). She is one of the two senior advisors this year, and there’s a lot to do to get ready for graduation.
  • Please pray for Cal to have wisdom as he leads the church.

Calvary Chapel Managua:

  • Please pray for God to guide us as we choose some new leaders and make some changes. We are praying about add a few monthly ministry meetings, including one for leaders, one for men, and one for women.
  • Please pray for God to continue to provide for our school.
  • Please pray for Madeling, one of our Awana leaders, to be able to get an official document that would allow her to get married and get a job.
  • Please pray for our church to grow in love and in the knowledge of the truth of the Gospel.
  • Please pray for the city of Managua as lately there are a number of protests about some changes to the social security system. These protests sometimes become violent. Pray that God will move in our city, bringing revival, and that He will move in the hearts of our government leaders too.

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