Prayer for Cal and Jessie in Nicaragua

Please be in Prayer for Cal and Jessie our missionaries in Nicaragua. A recent move by the country’s president to reduce social security benefits and raise social Security taxes has resulted in large protests to which the government has responded with a heavy police and counter protest response. This has resulted in 30 deaths and hundreds of injuries. Wide spread looting has caused gas and food shortages. Cal and Jessie said their neighborhood is relatively calm and they feel pretty safe. They have sufficient food for now and are going to share what they have with others. Pray for cooler heads, and peace to reign in the country. The president has already rescinded his orders regarding social Security but the demonstrations continued. Jessie said that today seems calmer. Schools have been closed since last week. Jessie also said that their prayer is that the Christians will shine and use this as an opportunity to share the Gospel. Pray for God’s protection over Cal and Jessie and the church.

Pastor Gary

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