Prayer Update from the Bolinger Family

Hi Guys thank you for taking the time to read and pray.

Please pray for Yamashita San a semi homeless who drinks excessively. His liver’s cirrhosis is flared up and he has skin issues.

On a different note: Spring has renewed my Japanese learning fervor but I need to humble myself a thousand fold Pray for increased memorization skills and techniques.

Please pray for provision as I have lost more students due to the fiscal year change. For any school the loss is normal because of schedules and changes but for a small school like ours this is really a challenge. Pray for new students also at the same time pray if the Lord is leading us in another direction away from the school to minister that we’d get a clue.

Pray for Mrs. Suzuki as she has liver treatment.

Lastly, Please pray for Mrs. Seeley. She has has fought hard against an aggressive brain cancer and is on her last dosage round with several weeks to go and she just fell down her stairs and severely broke her pelvic bone. She’s just had surgery and they need to have a speedy recovery so that she can get back on the meds and finish her round. They had to stop the meds as she’d be susceptible to bleeding. Pray for Rick the husband who is the emotional one.

Thank you all for praying


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