Calvary Chapel Managua prayer requests

As many of you know, Nicaragua has been experiencing a lot of civil unrest. Fortunately, Barrio Santa Ana (where the church is located) has been relatively quiet, but many surrounding areas have seen protests and counter protests that involve violence. Tomorrow, there is another big march planned (both protest and counter protest), and we are asking people to pray for peace in the nation and resolution to the many problems that are surfacing. We are also praying that those from the church (and Jessie’s school) will be safe.

We also would like you to pray for Jessie’s brother. Here is what she says, “Please pray for my brother, Tray. He was just sentenced to four years in prison and brought directly from the court room to jail. He has struggled with a serious drug addiction for a long time (cocaine, heroin, alcohol, marijuana, and more). If I’m being honest, I haven’t felt compassion for him for a long time. He has caused so much harm to people I love (like my parents and his daughter). But in this moment, my heart breaks for him and I’m in sobbing tears. I know he will be terrified. I know my mom is also heartbroken. And my niece too. There is so much, and I don’t want to talk about it – not really. Just please pray.”

Finally, please pray that the church will grow in faith and in a better understanding of the true Gospel in spite of all these troubles (or perhaps because of them). We have been praying that Christians here in Nicaragua will be the light of Christ in these dark times.

With love in Christ,


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