Prayer Request from Bolinger Family, Japan

Hey guys thank you for praying.

It has been a busy week with Mrs. Suzuki’s death. We took food to the family the day of the viewing (In Japan the deceased lies in state in the living room until the memorial service.) I went and talked with the family about Jesus. Then on Sunday afternoon the family came to visit us with ice cream and asked many questions about Jesus and heaven and salvation. Pray for the Suzuki families salvation. The mom and dad and two daughters(20 somethings) all want to hear about Jesus.

Another prayer requests is for a mom of a 3 year old, who came for a sample English lesson and asked many questions about Christianity. She is very confused about the different denominations and groups and all but she wants to become a Christian. We shared the simple gospel and she understands but her husband is against her becoming a Christian. She is very torn.

Also pray for Jane as she will graduate from Jr. High next Friday. I’m totally not ready for our baby to grow up.

Pray for the day after graduation picnic as I am supposed to plan some games. I’ve got nothing. I’m open to ideas for a game that 40 kids can all play. God bless you all and thank you for praying.

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