Prayer Request from Jake & Jenn DeRose

Hey everyone, we hope you all are doing well. We thank you for your love and support.We recently returned from Florida and are excited to be back in the field.
We have a few prayer requests if you wouldn’t mind lifting up.

– Strength. Jet-lag is real and without mercy. We are tired physically and need our strength as we head into the last week of the Bible College semester and into our construction ministry.

– Comfort. With time well spent visiting our families we are saddened to be a part from them once again. Please pray that God would comfort us and our families who have to sacrifice as well not being able to be with us.

– The Last Week of Spring ’18. We are finishing the last week of our Spring Semester and are excited to see what lies ahead for these students. Pray for safe travels, strength and guidance as they enter a new season.

– Church Building Construction. One week from now, the first outreach team from Calvary Fort Lauderdale arrive to help us in the construction of our new building we purchased a year ago. Pray that everyone would be protected and safe and for wisdom in all the logistics and planning.

Thank you everyone for all your prayers!

P.S. We will be making an update video very, very soon and will be sure to pass it along to you.

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