Update from JOHN and Doranne Gause

Sunday, May 27, 2018
> Hi All
> Yes we made it back from Kauai. Beautiful island and only a small part of the island was affected by the flooding, but the areas affected by the flooding were devastating to those homeowners. News accounts said that between 450 and 500 homes were impacted or destroyed in the flooding and most of the damage was in the north west side of the island. Half of the fund was getting there because the one road in was washed out in three sections + others were covered in mud slides. Because of the work being done on the road traffic was restricted to to 6-7 AM; 12 – ! PM and 5-6 PM. If you missed the last chance to return between 5-6 you had to spend the night in that north west section, with limited resources and no restaurants of any kind. There are really two class of people in this section; the wealthy who have large beach front properties (large corporate owners, celebrities, etc) and don’t live there full time, and those are hardy individuals who want to be out the grid and free to think and do what they want. These folks were hit hard and lost most of their possessions. However no lives were lost, nor was any one injured. Spiritual however the place was dark and very confusing with a mixture of cultural beliefs, with a bit every type of christian religion thrown in, plus buddhists, hinduism and my favorite, spiritualism, whatever that is. There a some christians with a good foundation but there hadn’t been a church on that part of the island for more than 25 years. We some to several people (10-12) who have been trying to get a bible study going or a church going but simply didn’t have the umph or urgency to get it done. Turns out that Steve Rex, the pastor of Calvary Chapel North Shore has been praying about starting a church over there for more than a year, but didn’t know if it would be accepted. Well we were able to match up the interested parties and the first service was held on May 20 (the day we left). Steve let us know that about 35 people came for the service, so will now be an ongoing service — Praise GOD!!!!! by the way Steve is personal friend of John Randall and apparently they been surfing buddies and friends for some years. All toll during our three weeks there we (the 4 chaplains) prayed with nearly 500 people. The were a few salvations, recommitments and reassurances but many, many yes were planted. Samaritian’s Purse will stay there until at least the end of July and other chaplains were sent over to take over for us. it was very rewarding, especially working with the Samaritan’s Purse workers doing such fine work on the homes. All of the other disaster relief groups have left after two weeks, the folks from Rubicon, Baptist disaster relief groups did fine work, but left many with folks partially helped. Red Cross came and left after only a few days and no one knows if they did anything of substance and FEMA said that there was noting that they could do. >
> Two days after getting home Doranne & I took off in our RV to tag along as chaplains with Franklin Graham for his Decision America, California Tour, visiting 10 cities in California. because of our deployment in Kauai we missed the first two cities, but picked up the tour in Oxnard, Bakersfield and tomorrow in Fresno, then off to Modesto, Santa Clara and Berkley. We will miss the last two cities, but something had to give. >
> Hope you and your families are doing well. I always enjoy hearing from you. >
> God Bless,
> John “OJ” Gause

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