Pray for Mihoko she has an inflamed Apendix

This is from Pastor Dan our missionary in Japan. Mihoko is his wife.
Pastor Gary I Kusunoki

Begin forwarded message:

From: Dan Bolinger <danbolinger>
Date: June 11, 2018 at 18:35:29 PDT
To: Dan Bolinger <danbolinger>
Subject: Pray for Mihoko she has an inflamed Apendix

Hi guys just a not to ask you to pray for Mihoko as her appendix has become inflamed.
Her blood work was up in the 7000 range and she has been placed on antibiotics.

​We leave for the US on the Friday June 22nd. Pray the Lord via the antibiotics heal her and we can visit many.
If you’d like a visit from us please email us and let us know. ​
​Thank you and God bless,

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