Jordan Update #4

Subject: Jordan Update #4

Hello Prayer Partners-

We are so very thankful for all the support shown by prayers, words of encouragement, letters, messages, housing, car usage, financial gifts etc. etc. We are overwhelmed by the Lord’s loving-kindness. What a bitter sweet journey it has been so far. It’s surely a roller coaster ride of emotions dealing with just coming off the mission field and then right away finding out our daughter Jordan was sick. Now we find ourselves journeying with her diagnosis of cancer of stage 4B Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

It’s been a few weeks since we updated you all. The last time we wrote, Jordan had just finished chemo treatment #1. Now, Jordan received chemo #2 on July 20th. In addition, Jordan gets frequent injections to stimulate white blood cell growth. This time around she struggled with more nausea and body aches yet with the same amount of tiredness. Thankfully she has been eating well.

On July 18th we went to City of Hope by request of our oncologist doctor. City of Hope is in Duarte, California and is one of the leading cancer research centers in the USA. Our doctor told us he wanted us to go see one of the top specialists of lymphoma and see the one who helps set the guidelines for lymphoma treatment. Also, since our doctor has been collaborating with this lymphoma specialist, he wanted to make sure Jordan was on track with the new immunotherapy drug that she has been receiving. This immunotherapy is called brentuximab vedotin (Adcetris). It was just approved March 2018 by the FDA for first line treatment for stage III & stage lV Hodgkin’s lymphoma. This drug is the first new approved lymphoma drug in over forty years. Even our doctor had never administered it before. Also, because Jordan’s cancer is so advanced, he wanted us to meet the doctor and have us get to know her in case we would need to go to her later down the road. We then found out that, if the 6 months treatment regime does not cure her, we would then need to be treated at City of Hope. Interestingly, this specialist, Dr. Nademanee, is originally from Thailand and this brought Jordan a lot of comfort. This doctor showed us Jordan’s cat scan and pet scans. It was overwhelming to see the tumors all over her body and see how it is affecting her other organs. But, God answered our prayers and the doctor gave us much hope saying that this new immunotherapy is showing amazing results and we can hope for a cure. We will just have to wait and see if Jordan is responding to the treatment with the next Pet scan. Jordan will get the next pet scan after chemo #4 or after 2 months since treatment began.

In the meantime, Jordan’s hair is beginning to thin exponentially this week and emotionally we are having our ups and downs. Also, Jordan is getting frequent blood draws to monitor her blood counts. Thankfully, before her last chemo, her blood counts were the best they had been since she became sick. One thing we do know is our God is faithful and His loving-kindness is taking care of us. As we write this, we are staying in our sixth housing situation and we are thankful for God’s care. Next week we will be moving into our home. The tenants vacate on July 31st and then we can start cleaning, making needed repairs, and then move our stuff from Casey’s mom’s garage to the house. Then on Friday, August 3rd , Jordan will have chemo #3.

Please pray for:

· Continual favorable blood counts. This is so Jordan can keep getting the needed chemo and so she is protected from infection

· The chemo to do its job and for the cancer to subside

· An improving pet scan after chemo #4

· That we will only need the 6 months chemo treatment regime and not need radiation after. If Jordan needs radiation, this puts her at risk for other cancers

· Peace , security, and confidence for Jordan as she loses her hair

· Finances- our insurance says our first admission to the hospital is not covered by insurance. We are going to appeal the decision. Pray for favor as they review our case again.

· A smooth handover of our house and for peace in the transition.

We plan to clean and do repairs on our house August 1st – 3rd next week and move in Saturday, August 4th. If anyone would like to help us, just let us know. Lastly, for now on we will be putting Jordan’s cancer updates on a website called Caring Bridge located at:, you can look for the latest medical updates. Please feel free to share this link with those who will pray for Jordan.

Thank you for your prayers and support,

Matt, Casey, Micah, & Jordan

Matt, Casey, Micah, & Jordan Friedberg-

Serving with Water of Life Cambodia


Matt Cell: 949-391-8679

Casey Cell: 949-391-8634

Jordan Cell: 949-312-8206

If you would like to support us go to the link Equipnet

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