Update from Pastor Charles & Prayer Requests

I thank God for the following:

1. Fruitful and blessed time while in USA

2. Found good health of my family and the entire church

3. Safe travel from California to Entebbe and safe drive from Entebbe to Midigo

4. Good attendance to the 8 days discipleship class. This was attended by more than 40 believers despite my absence. Pastor Bond (From Calvary Chapel Saving Grace – CA) taught the books of Luke and Genesis.

5. Continuous discipleship to the believers, especially the former Muslim believers.

Please pray for the following:

1. God to save lives and encourage believers during a one week door to door evangelism in the Communities and Refugee Camp. This will begin tomorrow along with the team from Calvary the Rock.

2. Peaceful engagement with the Muslim converts’ families. We shall have a meeting with the families and other Muslim leaders about the new believers from the Muslim faith

3. God’s strength and wisdom to the Church leaders and to have good health as I did not have time of rest after the long travel from California to Midigo

4. God to grow the believers through the different fellowships in the Church

5. Healing of Pastor Moses who got infection in the previous injury inflicted by his family for converting from Islam to Christianity. 8 years ago, Multiple injuries were inflicted to Moses, but most of them healed, but he continued with mild pain in his left thigh which later became worse after coming back to Midigo for the discipleship class with the former Muslim believers. After a Medical review yesterday, Moses was diagnosed with an infected hematoma that had formed pus. An operation was done, though still in pain.

6. Provision for the individual and ministry needs

7. God to provide a worship leader for Calvary Chapel Yumbe (One of the CCM Church plants)

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