Update & Prayer from Keith Britton

My Dear Friends.
I pray that you are truly blessed just as you bless others.
Everything is OK here. however I have increased my work
load to 16 men full time.
Every Time i’ve tried to down size, more men show up!

I Said to God, OK, but I need your help in providing for them….PLease:>)
He is!
I thank you and our church for your support, spiritually and financially.
Cuz without, It would be hard to be here!
The children’s ministry is ..ahh Just growing!! Praise God.
I’m not as involved physically in it, as I am the mens ministry,

but our mission does supply lunch for up to 30 to 60 children per day, 6 days a week!
Our sister ministry in Guapolis feeds up to 200 children twice a week. Add that to the
mens ministry 7 days a week! I’m kind a busy and use a lot of food.
Praise the Lord our God!

Prayer requests:
For my continued health.
For more funding to help Gods children!
For wisdom to deal with all situations with wisdom, peace, understanding, and probably most important,
Patiences !! (it’s tested every day)
That’s about it.
God bless you

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