Baton Rouge Visit by Lt Duren Boyce

From: Duren Boyce
Subject: Baton Rouge Visit

Ever since meeting Gary and all the different A.I.R team volunteers, our lives have been full of “firsts”.
With the team’s help this was the first time our chaplain team was able to put together a local training for our area police chaplains. The training was a complete success. Not because the training went the way we planned but because it went the way God planned. The two days of training turned out to be two days of additional healing for the hearts, minds, and souls of all of us attending chaplains, who have experienced one or more traumatically painfull events throughout our various tours of duty.

Last year was our first and this year was our first, second annual, Baton Rouge Area Spouses Luncheon.
We give all the glory to God for making this happen.
We are grateful for the true love of Jesus shown to us by the A.I.R. Team. The generosity of the CCSJC family. Giving more than we would ever think or ask, while asking nothing in return.

The same team members who, after gutting flooded homes in unbearable heat, came to our home in 2016, gifting our family like their own, by repairing our van, completing the exterior construction of a workshop, and beautifying our Garden, returned this year to again gift us with their hard work, SWEATING IN 95degree temps and high humidity, helping seal up our roof in preparation for unknown weather to come this hurricane season.
I am truely honored to have been accepted by A.I.R. as an official member and chaplain. I stand ready to serve as God provides and when I’m called.
Thank you!!! Gary and Carol, James, Solomon, Keith, Greg and Regina, Tony, Kelli, Steven(windows are awesome), Brent ( the van is still running great), Jacque and Donna, and everybody else on the A.I.R. Team.

Lt. Duren Boyce (Chaplain)
Baton Rouge City Police
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