Prayer for Hearts 4 Africa

Hearts 4 Africa Prayer Request

Pray for safe travel for Sherill and Joanne as they head to Iganga Uganda to work on the new Calvary Chapel Naluko and the H4A womens health facility.

Pray for Sherill being able to line up all the necessary workers to complete the work within the budget and in time to do the dedication ceremony.

Pray for all of those attending the dedication ceremony, the Ugandan officials.

Pray for Abraham (aka-Majok) the new pastor of CCN.

Pray for logistical complexities of all of the supplies being shipped, that all of the bins would arrive intact without customs interference.

Pray for the health and wellness of the CCSJC team that will be visiting Calvary Chapel Naluko (Gary and the large team)

Pray for pouring out of the Holy Spirit to the village people who will be attending the dedication.

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