Prayer Request from Nicaragua

Please continue to pray for Roberto Martinez. The attached photo was taken just after his left leg was amputated. He is now at home and recuperating (and clean-shaven!). He should have his stitches out in another week and a half. Please pray for his quick healing, and also for him to stay strong in his faith. This is a trying time for him as he will no longer be able to work his normal job and such, and he is a recovered alcoholic who we don’t want to see relapse.

Please pray for Sergio Sequeira, a new-comer to the church. The school where he was working has closed, and the church where he was attending has closed. Please pray that he can find a job and fit in well at Calvary Chapel Managua.

Please continue to pray for Nicaragua. We are currently experiencing what some describe as a tense calm, but there is still a lot of uncertainty and anger that affects the people we work with and that could still cause the country to erupt at any moment. Pray for those who have lost loved ones.

Please pray for Jessie and her students and fellow teachers as they begin to process the loss of so many who have left the country to attend school somewhere else. There was no time for goodbyes at the end of the year, and with so many people leaving so suddenly, those of us still here in the country are missing friends and companions. Also pray for her and her school as they prepare to teach with a special, altered schedule and a lot of missing staff members. It’s going to be an adventure, but we trust that God is a great guide.

With love in Christ,
Cal and Jessie Stuebner

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