Prayer Update from Sherill

From: Sherill Sedillo
Date: August 10, 2018 at 23:31:19 PDT
To: Gary Kusinoki <pastorgary>, Tony Magtoto <tony.m>, Mike Sedillo Sedillo <sedillo>, Kathleen Burghardt <oneofhiskids>, Mark Meizner <thewaterdog>, kelli.n
Subject: Update

Hi everyone,

I arrived safely and everything was fine
Until yesterday. It seemed as though I was having another ischemic attack. They took me to the hospital and got an IV started and pain meds. After the blood work came back it showed I had an intestinal infection. They started me on antibiotics and today I am fine, no pain. Dr. Patrick had to go buy potassium because mine was so low and the hospital didn’t have any. I had brought IV solution with me just in case so I have been on potassium drip all night and my legs are not hurting anymore,
I am so blessed to have Dr. Patrick with me all the time . The Lord has me covered😊
Love to you all,

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