Uganda team update

The whole team is doing well after 4 days of travel by air and road they have reached Soroti. Tomorrow the team starts Ministry with VBS at 8:00 am. Our nurses will be teaching nurses at Bethesda hospital. Though everyone is exhausted from travel I know they are anxious to begin the ministry.

Kevin and Diana Torrence stayed with me in Kampala for an unexpected meeting with a police commissioner to talk about Chaplains. This has been a prayer of his for many years. Uganda has a 48,000 member police department and has been praying for someone to help him start a chaplaincy. He ended up spending 4 1/2 hours with us and left so excited to share the Gospel! Keep praying for this endeavor.

Pastor Gary I Kusunoki

One thought on “Uganda team update

  1. Dianna and Kevin truly have hearts that are tuned to God. Excited to hear about the chaplaincy efforts in Uganda and will uphold the ministry in prayer. May the richest of blessings be upon this mission trip.

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