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Hi everybody, it’s Jenn DiBacco, probably one of the less familiar faces in these photos you are seeing. I wanted to let you all know a little of what we have been doing here the last few days. Yesterday we were blessed to help put on a clinic for the elderly, a group that is historically mistreated and rejected, at the hospital in Soroti. We got to see around 100 patients, who we were able to care for physically and nurture spiritually, just like Jesus did in His ministry! All of the patients who came to the clinic were prayed over and heard the gospel, several people gave their lives to the Lord, Praise God!!

Today we hopped back on the bus again for more travel and got to help with some last minute preparations for the church and birthing center dedication that will happen tomorrow. We are well and want to thank you so much for the way that you have been partnering with us in prayer and ask you not to stop.

Thanks again,
Jenn DiBacco

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