Blog Post: Uganda (Taylor)

“Uganda be kidding me!” – Pastor Gary

This trip has been incredible, full of amazement, challenge, and blessing. I was not expecting this tropic climate, as a plant enthusiast I have been so excited to see all the greenery. This country is full of beauty; animals, landscape, and most of all the people. The children have captured our hearts, everywhere we go they come running out of their homes to wave at our bus. They see Elizabeth and Grace sitting in the front seat, and they shout “Mzungu!”, which means white people. The people are so warm, welcoming, and gentle. Many incredible memories have been made on this trip, special moments that will be remembered forever. One in particular stands out, the opening of the birthing center. The village celebrated the wonderful Sherill Sedillo who has worked tirelessly to build an incredible facility for pregnant mothers in the village. The death mortality amoung the mothers in this particular region is 10-12%, therefore one out of ten mothers who get pregnant will end up losing their life during labor. This hospital, along with the Calvary church that opened up on the same property, will completely transform this village. The local school performed traditional Ugandan dances, with incredible costumes and face paint. It was amazing to be apart of this experience and to see how appreciative the people are of the work that has been done. Thankful to be apart of it in this small way! Hoping to return and help more once I finish nursing school in a few years.

We are thankful for your prayers! Knowing people at home are thinking of us and praying for our team is so special. There is much more to come, looking forward to it.


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