Salvation has come to this family!

Today we had the opportunity to go to the Refugee camp to fellowship with the church and do hut to hut evangelism. Our team visited three family sites. Huts are grouped according to family units and each site contained three to four huts. At the first site the people were already born again believers. At the second site they had never prayed to ask Jesus into their hearts. The oldest member of the family was very hard. He said we were asking them to change their religion so they were not going to do it. They went to an evangelical church but had not accepted the Lord there. The third family was Catholic. They too had never accepted the Lord but when they heard the Gospel they were very open. Everyone of the adults (about eight of them) said they wanted to ask Jesus into their hearts. What a joy that was. All of these people had fled the fighting in their area of South Sudan. Their homes were burned and they fled with nothing but the clothes on their back. Sone had lost loved ones or neighbors. They had some food but not enough. The UN gives them a half ration and tells them it has to last a month. Sometimes they don’t give them food for six weeks so they have to go hungry. It is so sad on the one had but those in the church were full of joy despite the fact that they had nothing.

Please be in prayer for these people. There are over one million refugees in this area and it is more than the UN can respond to. Pray for God to work in their hearts as so many of them have a knowledge of God with no relationship. Pray that their needs will be met.

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