Uganda Update from John Harrell

> John Harrell
> Last evening we went to the hospital at Midigo to minister to the patients. We broke up into small groups so we could cover the different wards. >
> My group went to the men’s ward. It was a small room with nine or ten beds and seven patients with various conditions. Several had broken legs from accidents, one had chest pains, and one young man had been there for over a month with meningitis. He was clearly in a bad condition and could only sit up with the help of his mother. His nervous system was affected and the motions of his limbs and head were awkward. >
> We introduced ourselves and explained the we had come to express our goodwill, encourage them, and share good news. There are many Muslims in this area so I was anxious that some might respond negatively, yet they listened attentively as we explained the gospel in simple terms. Afterwards I asked if any would like to pray to receive salvation and the gift of eternal life. Two men responded that they would, including the young man with meningitis! I had the privilege to lead them in the prayer of salvation. >
> Then we prayed for each man individually and their specific conditions. Even the Muslims welcomed our prayers. >
> I did not really know what to expect on this missions trip. But just seeing that God has used us to reveal himself to even one of these men and bring them the gift of eternal life makes the whole trip more than worthwhile. What a privilege to be a part of this. God is good. His will be done. >
> John Harrell
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