Uganda Team Update from the Torrence’s

Last night the team had an opportunity to fellowship with the leadership of Calvary Midigo. Dinner was included (Pastor Charles called it a “swallowship”) along with worship, a message and prayer. As the evening unfolded I stood in amazement as people from “every nation, tongue and peoples” worshiped in song and prayer. Represented were Africa, Mexico the U.S. and others. Only God has the power to make this possible. A slight glimpse of heaven. All praise and glory to Him, King of Kings and Lord of Lords!


How great is our God, we sang Monday morning as we watched the sunrise on Prayer Rock. The dark shades of night gradually faded into rosy hues of a brand new day and brilliant sun as we gave thanks to the Son, our Lord Jesus. Frogs, birds and all nature around us joined in the chorus to give praise and worship for the goodness of our faithful God!

My heart is very full and I am overwhelmed by the warmth and love given to us through my brothers and sisters in Christ in Uganda. While they may have poverty, they are by far richer in the faith because their strength and dependence is solely on God Himself. In every conversation I’ve had with believers, their joy is in giving God the glory for all that they have. The joy of the Lord is their strength. It’s all about Him and Him alone. They have persevering faith that challenges me to a deeper walk with Christ. God is faithful and He is a good, good Father to all His children.


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