Update from Courtney in Uganda

We just left Soroti and are headed back to Kampala for the night. The past week has been a pretty busy one with weird sleep schedules as we worked in the NICU with all our sweet preemies! We got 3 more admissions after the twins. The first one was little girl about 30 weeks and around 3 lbs named Faith. We switched the twins into 1 isolette and gave her the other. She did awesome and had a great sucking reflex so we got her breastfeeding and doing kangaroo with mom pretty quickly. The next admit was also a girl but this baby was full term. She was an emergency C section due to compound presentation. She wasn’t breathing and had to be resuscitated by the OR team, but she suffered a brain injury due to the lack of oxygen. She is able to breath on her own but seems to be having seizure like activity. There are not tests here we can do to check for seizures so we just started her on a seizure med. right now she is getting her feeds through a tube which she wasn’t tolerating at first but now is, praise God! I’m not sure what her out come will be but be praying for little Joanne. Our last admit was a sweet boy, our only boy admit! He was also about 30 weeks and weighed around 3lbs. He came with pretty severe distress. He spent a few days on 5L on the oxygen concentrator (approx. 35% FiO2) Yesterday he was breathing better so we were able to wean him down to 2L and start feeds through a tube. It was really hard to leave them knowing they are a little short staffed, but I know God is faithful. I am already planning my trip back and will hopefully be coming with Heather in end of November to help open their new NICU unit! So be praying for the Lord’s will to be done there!

One of he twins Apio


Jenn and the other twin Acen


Our 30 week girl Faith


Our term baby Joanne with a cute yawn


Our 30 week boy (he doesn’t have a name yet)


The new NICU building is coming along

Tomorrow we will start the long flight home! Although as I say long flight I think of the missionaries years ago who took boats and then trains and all the disease they encountered along they way without all the treatment that is available today! It really puts the “long flight” into perspective. I have so much respect for those missionaries who lived years ago. They truly left all, they didn’t have much of a choice. It was a few month journey at least just to get to their destination. They weren’t able to communicate back home very easily mostly by mail that would take months to arrive. On one hand I think wow we sure have it easy, but with that we are burdened with more distractions. The people that have gone before me (Helen Roseavere, David Livingston, Hudson Taylor, Jim Elliot, and many more) inspire me to live a life of obedience.

Jim Elliot once said,

“Rest in this: it is His business to lead, command, impel, send, call or whatever you want to call it. It is your business to obey, follow, move, respond, or what have you.”

“I may no longer depend on pleasant impulses to bring me before the Lord. I must rather respond to principles I know to be right, whether I feel them to be enjoyable or not.”

God desires obedience over sacrifice. We could travel all around the world and “sacrifice” time, money, and comfort, but if that’s not what he called us to do or we are doing it for our own glory then we are living in disobedience. Obedience presupposes a defined authority outside of our self and allows us to participate with God in the works he has divinely prepared for us. Before Jesus asks you to do something he already prepares the way we just need to obey.

For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them. – Ephesians 2:10

In order to be obedient we need to be close to the Lord to hear him. The way to do ministry is to humble yourself and be obedient. God is asking us to take steps of obedience. He might not give us all the steps in advance but He promises to be with us and to lead us In the way we are to go. We can have no influence without obedience. The choices we make influence those around us. Also Obedience protects us from danger and preserves God’s blessings for ourselves and those around us.

Spiritual people are indifferent to their emotions they are more concerned with obedience then happiness -Tozer

Obedience positions us to be all that God calls us to be and provides us with the grace to do all that he calls us to do

Are you committed to obedience? I pray that you are it’s a daily commitment for me and I daily fail but thank the Lord he is gracious! Obedience doesn’t mean it’s going to be some big act or that He is going to send you to a different country. It’s just living your life where he has you and doing what he puts in front of you whether that is being a stay at home mom, working in the corporate world, or serving in ministry.

As we wrap up this trip I want to thank you all for your prayers and support. You are all a blessing to me! Love you all!


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