Pray for Steve and Kathy

Some of you may not know that Anchored International Relief is an outreach of Calvary Chapel San Juan Capistrano. Why do we do that? Because when working in closed and persecuted countries it is difficult and sometimes impossible to get into them as a church while much easier as a relief organization. Also when responding to national disasters we are kore easily recognizable by government and other entities as there to help. Still, we always go in the name and love of Jesus Christ with a heart to minister the Gospel to whomever we meet.Debris litters the washed out main road to Alligator Point after Hurricane Michael.

In that regard, Steve and Kathy Bailey will be making their way from Texas to the Florida Panhandle representing our church and Anchored to do an assessment for us. They are so burdened to help those that are lost and hopeless in the midst of this unprecedented disaster and want to share the love of Jesus with whomever they meet. They will be in Florida on Saturday so be watching for updates and praying about how you can help.

Pastor Gary I Kusunoki

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