Operation Herald Hope

In Jeremiah 29:11 the Lord tells us His thoughts and plans for us. He says they are for good and not for evil to give us a future and a hope.

Hebrews 6:19 says that we have the hope of Jesus as an anchor for our soul.

The life in Christ is not a life that has no purpose. It is a life led by the Holy Spirit full of His power and glory. We alone have the hope that leads us through the trials and afflictions of this life in victory. A hope that is in heaven secured for us by the sacrifice of Jesus.

Armed with this knowledge we are sending teams into the disaster zones impacted by Hurricane Michael less than two weeks ago. We have been told that as people view the damage and devastation of their homes and communities they feel hopeless. The damage is so extensive they feel as if things will never improve. Some are selling their homes as is for a fraction of their value just to get out. People today need hope that only Jesus can offer. So we go as heralds of the good news of the Gospel that brings hope eternal. Hence our operation is called Operation Herald Hope.

We are going to offer the love of Christ in a practical way. Helping them to gut and clean their homes. Offering a cup of cold water, a hug and a listening ear. We will probably be cooking and serving for the first responders in the impact zones. Praying for all who are willing and sharing the Gospel. Steve and Kathy Bailey have already begun the work, made so many contacts in the Panama City area and done the logistics for our future teams.

I am headed there today with Kim Markuson to meet up with the Baileys and overview the work. We hope to have a team on the ground by the end of next week. Both Kim and I are retired police officers. He and I will be meeting with law enforcement in the area. We will also be joined by Lieutenant Duren Boyce from the Baton Rouge Police Department. This will be Duren’s second deployment with us. As a police officer and chaplain he has experienced the devastation of disaster. Others responded to the aid of Baton Rouge and the PD and now it’s his turn to give back.

Please pray for continued open doors and divine appointments! Pray that God would prepare the hearts of those we will be speaking to as we go to be a herald of hope for Jesus.

Pastor Gary I Kusunoki

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