Good Steward


What does it mean to be a good steward?

It started a short time ago, at a moment’s notice I was called to the mission field. Praise God-  a purpose! So many things to get ready before I leave! Will I have the time to prepare? Let me share my thoughts for a moment… Is the mission field mine to prepare for? Or is the mission field what God has prepared for me? What am I saying? I want to be a part of something, to do for others, to do a feel good thing. And what a benefit as I do these things. I get to see sites, wonders, places. But what does God want? What does He want from or even for me? Stewardship is farthest from my mind…

The first day in the field is always exciting! An adventure waiting!. The second day the team is off and running! Meeting people, praying with everyone in our path. My thoughts race towards tomorrow. Knowing  we are on our way! But who am I there for? Christ? The team? Or my pride? Here comes day 3 and my purpose has stalled. What happened? I was prepared! Ready for what God had for me! But had I cared more for what He had for me or what my flesh wanted for me?

  • These are some reflections by the end of the day. My purpose was just that, my purpose. But what was God’s purpose? He gives, I use.  And what do I do with what He gives? Stewardship is what he asked for, do I give that to Him? Possessions. Wealth. Knowledge. Talents. Time… How do I glorify my Lord with this stewardship He has given me? I believe these remaining days Christ will make His will known.


Matthew Love 

Lynn Haven, Florida Nov 6 2018

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