Update from Melinda on the Florida Team

We had a wonderful devotional this morning sharing Psalm 84:2… my soul longs, yes faints for the courts of the Lord and my heart and flesh Sing For Joy to the Living God. Our discussion centered around being fulfilled when our longing for God is met by His presence in our lives and in this place.
I asked my teammates what blessings stood out in their minds as we minister in Lynn Haven.The answer was the bonding of the body of Christ coming together not only among our team but among other brothers and sisters here.
This morning we headed out to a home where we were asked to help with debris cleanup, to assess the task at hand and to meet the owner of the home. She was a very gracious woman and very thankful that we had come; her son is in law enforcement. It was very easy to get to know this lady who had had a total knee replacement and returned to her home with no running water, no electricity, no gas to run generators and no visiting nurse to provide physical therapy for her recovery. But she had a book to follow and did the exercises herself; quite an amazing woman. After the guys assessed the task at hand, they came to discuss it with her and said that we would return in the morning to start the project… I asked her if she had a home church and she said ..oh yes! and she attends the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She welcomed our offer to pray for her and at the conclusion she reached over to give me a great big hug… And then to Lauren as well.

Next… headed for the city center and commissary where the police, firemen and city workers gathered for three meals a day and where we have been helping serving food, cleaning-up and getting to know the officers; offering to pray for them ; asking how is your family and showing them that we genuinely were interested in their well-being.

The team had cleaned the yard of a law enforcement officer the day before and he had shared with his fellow officers all that have been done for him and his family. I feel there was a real breakthrough as we were welcomed with smiles and hello’s and many thank you’s.
In the evening we returned to help with dinner and we were told that this officer’s wife was in the park with their three children. Lauren and I went to meet her and the kids.
She was so thankful for the work they had done at her home the day before and she was quick to tell us that if it had not been for the grace of God, they would not have made it through this storm! The officer , his wife and three children were among the 75 people sheltering in place at the police station when the roof was ripped off and the building sustaining extensive damage yet no one was harmed! She shared that her husband had joined a small group at church just a few weeks earlier … God was preparing their hearts for the events that would soon come to pass. They cannot return to their home. It is going to be a long process but their insurance covered everything and in time, their house would be rebuilt. They were provided housing by a pastor who cancelled all the bookings in his rental through December.. providing them with a safe place to live. I prayed with her before saying goodbye and told her that her story and her belief in God was a great blessing! I felt that God would use them to tell their story of His mercy and grace and to be an encouragement to others; to put your trust in the Lord.

Melinda Green

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