Weekly Missions Praise and Prayer Requests

November 7th, 2018: Missionary Prayer Requests:

Ives Family (Chihuahua, Mexico)-

Praise Reports!

  • God has given me the opportunity to lead 4 conversation clubs located at both campuses of UACH where I can talk with the students about life and shared about Jesus!
  • God has really been blessing the home groups!
  • Josiah started school and is thriving spiritually, socially and academically- we are so excited for him!
  • Hannah has started attending a dance class and is doing great. She is also doing wonderful with her home-school worth with Priscilla

Prayer Requests!

  • For more opportunities to share the Gospel at the university and that we would start to see many students giving their lives to Jesus
  • I have started discipline three young men, one-on-one, on a weekly basis. Pray that I will be able to point these guys to Jesus and help them as the Lord forms them for current and future ministry
  • For the home groups of our church- that we would experience genuine fellowship and grow closer to Jesus together
  • That the Lord would touch our family physically. Priscilla has been feeling a little sick and I have been feeling really tired.
  • That the Lord would continue to guide us to say “yes” to the things He wants us to fo and say “no” to the things He isn’t asking us to do.

Pete & Kendall Randall (Citizens Church, Edmonton, Canada)-

  • Continue to pray for the Randall family as they serve the Lord in Canada!

Bolinger Family (Japan)-

  • Please pray for energy and strength for Dan’s Arrhythmia, that he would allow Jesus to be his strength instead of letting stress to beat him up.
  • Pray for Rachel in Nagasaki to have a great experience learning about the martyrs and to reflect on her own faith in Christ
  • Pray for Jane who is burning the candle at both ends and will eventually have a crash soon. It’s hard to watch but sometimes you have to wait until they fall to pick them up. Pray she learns to rely more on Jesus.
  • Pray for Nathan who is helping out with the wilderness trek. The 11th graders all hike through the mountains using compasses and paper maps- no GPS/ smartphones. He is really good at this but this year he is a supporter not a facilitator. Pray he hears God’s voice for direction of his life.
  • Pray for a family at school whose son was expelled. Pray for the boys salvation. Pray for another young lady who was also expelled. I feel as if these souls are the most important to come to a Christian school and be surrounded by such Christlike models only to be blinded by the allure of the world. I know we didn’t fail to warn and teach and admonish but I hate when Satan devours and destroys.
  • Pray for the homeless outreach. The main guy at the camp by the river found that his dog will bite us when we come and bring food and Jesus. It used to be tied up but lately he’s allowed to run free and bite all who come near. We need to either go somewhere else or try a different approach.
  • Pray for me to learn Japanese more. Pray for my teachers to have wisdom with me. Pray for the Holy Spirit to stoke the fire in the heart of the church. Starting with me.
  • We are enjoying some very nice fall weather here. Thank you for taking time to read and pray. Pray for a place to hold church and English Classes. Pray for an upcoming Pastors Conference. Pastors Bill and Bud Stonebreaker and Pastor John Randall are coming to teach the word. Pray for it all to go well.

Juventine & Elizabeth Emuku (Soroti, Uganda)-

– Bethesda Hospital just received some new NICU equipment, so praise the Lord for that! Also, keep the hospital and the Emuku family in your prayers as they continue to build the brand new NICU that will open hopefully at the end of November. This is a HUGE answer to prayer as even the government hospitals have requested Bethesda hospital to not send any premature babies to them as the infant mortality rate in the government hospitals is almost at 100%. The reason for this is that they don’t have the equipment or ability to care for them. This new NICU will save the lives of so many mothers and babies! Praise the Lord!!

Hearts 4 Africa, Sherill Sedillo (Naluko, Uganda)-

  • the dedication of the new Women’s Hospital/ Birth Center in Naluko went beautifully!! Please continue to pray that the building will be finished as soon as possible and that they will be able to open their doors quickly! The community is eager for it’s grand opening!

Charles Jjagwe (Midigo, Uganda)-

  • Praise the Lord that He has provided the funds for renovation of the hospital! Please pray for skilled workmen during the hospital renovations and our church floor tiling.
  • Pray for a fruitful one week discipleship program for the Refugee Camp leaders and the Muslim Background Believers (MBB) from he 22nd – 27th of October. This will be held at Midigo.
  • For ministry provision against increasing cost of running different departments, especially the Medical care services at Midigo hospital where there is increase in patient turn up and increased surgeries.
  • New Head teacher for our school. we need a new mature Christian head teacher for the Calvary School.
  • For God to grow the believers through the different fellowship in the church
  • Pray for provision for the construction of the Children’s Church as they share with the school classroom and also for the construction of the high school
  • Pray for my daughter, Esther, to pass the final exams which will determine her admission to a 2 years Advanced Level course which will determine the course to do at the university.
  • Pray for success of our primary seven candidates (Grade 7)- (students of the Midigo Calvary Primary School) will have their Primary Leaving Examinations which will qualify them to join the Junior High School

Cal & Jessie Stuebner- Managua, Nicaragua-

  • We praise the Lord for His protection over the church during this turbulent year. In Barrio Santa Ana there was relatively little protest activity. None of the families at the church lost anyone to death or imprisonment. Things have calmed down a lot, but Nicaragua as a country still needs much prayer. Unemployment was already high, but thousands more have lost their jobs as many businesses have closed.
  • On July 19th, Roberto Carlos Martinez suffered a serious accident while working on a refrigerator compressor. It exploded, and he was badly burned, with fractures and wounds on his left leg. They had to amputate the leg a few days later, so we ask you to keep him in prayer. The good news is that his walk with the Lord is stronger now, and he has maintained a good attitude of trust in the Lord. A prosthesis is still months away, so please also pray for that.
  • As usual, the school is still a bright spot in our neighborhood, with many activities and of course, the Bible being taught to the students. Please keep the school in prayer as the needs are great here in Barrio Santa Ana. We are grateful to God that we were able to stay open even through the worst of the unrest.
  • PTL, Since August, Marvin and Noel have started teaching once a month as we try to raise up more leaders.
  • Carolina, Marvin’s daughter, has started learning to play piano again and played her first special song on a Sunday morning two weeks ago.
  • PTL! Mariling Vanessa Davila finally has her birth certificate. Mariling, known as Cosita many years ago, has been involved with our ministry since she was a child. She has grown into a nice young woman. Please pray that she will get her cedula, (ID card) soon, and we are praying for a wedding in the near future.  Mariling also gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on August 24th.  She cannot get married until she has her ID card. She also needs the ID card to get a birth certificate for her daughter.
  • Please pray for Yader Jose. He is a new believer who lives in a challenging family situation. Pray that he will continue in the Word, the church, and walking with Jesus.
  • Please pray also for our worship team.
  • Please pray for Sergio Sequeira and his wife, Dora Maria. They live far away but have been a blessing here at the church.
  • Between all the political unrest, several tropical storms, and other related issues, now more than ever we could really use your support both prayerfully and, if you are able, financially. Normally, we have teams and visitors who come and help us out, but this year many were unable to come due to all the problems. Please pray for God’s provision for us and, if God puts it on your heart, please pray about how you could help out. Also, please consider sponsoring a child at our school. If you have questions, you can contact us at cal4godnica@yahoo.com or on our facebook page.

Brechtel Family (Rosarito, Mexico)-

  • Praise Report from Allison: Hi! Praise Report… we figured out more of the city (Oaxaca) and were able to make a LOT of connections with people who live there. We have feet on the ground there looking for a house for us because we weren’t able to find one while we were there. We have a couple who have a desire to be part of our church plant as a worship leader and a translator for me! Pray that our relationship with them grows and that they’ll be a long term part of our team if its the Lord’s will. So the praise is that we believe we have a worship leader!
  • Jon is flying back to Oaxaca at the end of the month to look at a few houses and hopefully find the perfect one. So please continue to pray for the trip and for him to find the house that the Lord has for us.
  • Jon is teaching in the main sanctuary next Wednesday night. He’ll be teaching some of the book of Jonah. Please pray for him to have the extra time he needs to study, that he won’t be too nervous, and that the Holy Spirit will speak through him.

Keith Britton- Costa Rica-

  • Working with Addicts of different ages  18 to 70 + is a handful! Most of them didn’t have a father in the house when they were growing up, which is one reason they rebel! I have found that if I don’t get to them quickly with disipline, they take that as a weakness, and the whole thing can go to hell an back! But if they survive being disciplined, maybe for the first time in many years? They just might give Jesus Christ a little space and maybe start listening to what I and other Pastors teach about repentance, forgiveness and Salvation through the word of God! Your prayers and support are the only reason that I can continue here in Costa Rica! As I’m writing this, I’m realizing just how many people depend on God’s mission here, (God In Action Ministry, to receive and learn the word of God and the hundreds of children that receive lunch six days a week, every week!

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