Update From Bruce Finnie in Florida

We had a great day of ministering to a police officer’s mom. Our gals helped her by cleaning and organizing her house as she has had recent knee surgery and unable to get around as before. While they were inside, the guys cleared trees, moved a utility trailer stuck behind a dead fall of tree branches and raked up the yard.

When completed, we prayed for her and encouraged her to reestablish a relationship with her church. She was very receptive as our gals made an incredible emotional/ spiritual impact on her. A sweet lady who loves Jesus.

Later we worked again with the cook at the Lynn Haven EOC as he has served police and city staff 3 meals a day for almost a month..what a servant. What a brother in Christ. It has been one blessing after another. Praying for people on the street and in restaurants. So many in need.

Story- One of the police officers recounted for me that as soon as the strorm passed he grabed his police vest and his weapon and went to each neighbor’s house identifying himself and reassuring each one he was available for assistance even though he himself had suffered loss. His story is only one of many we’ve heard revealing a tremendous love and commitment to their community.

What a blessing to serve those who serve so exceptionally. Our team has brought the love of Christ to Lynn Haven but He has truely gone before us. We are privileged to serve our Lord. Pray for continued healing and restoation of this beautiful community. Pray for the unsaved to take the time to reflect on God’s love, to turn and accept His redemption..

Bruce Finnie
Anchored Relief International
Team 2
Lynn Haven FL
November 8, 2018

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