Florida Team 2.1 Update

Nice day as the remaining 3 amigos who call ourselves team 2.1 enjoyed church and fellowship at Eastgate Christian Fellowship Panama City which is pastored by “Pastor Rob”. We met in the courtyard as electrical service is still out even as they’ve come to the 30 day mark. Most electrical service has now been restored to the community enabling many in the congregation to return to work tomorrow. Slowly the infrastructure is returning but the devastation is years in correcting. Pray as believers minister in their own community. The path of destruction is huge and the emotional and spiritual needs of Bay County will continue for a long time. Tomorrow we work at the Mexico Beach Police Chief’s house clearing debris from his yard. In the days and weeks ahead we and other teams hope to work similarily with the local 1st responders who have sacraficially given so much to their communities yet have had little time to address their own needs. We feel so privileged to serve our great God by serving the servants. Thank you all for your prayers.

Bruce Finnie

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