Update and prayer request from Don and Marta Patten in Israel

We just finished a 10 day outreach with CC of Downey. They served in 8 events with Holocaust survivors and 2 events with Israeli citizens who speak Spanish.
One family Ricardo and Marina and their adult daughter Milagros pray to commit their lives to the Lord. Pray for a deep work in their hearts.
Pray for the books in Russian and Spanish to help in transforming the heart of those reading them.

Pray as the next three weeks we are busy with eyeglasses clinics and concerts almost every day.

We feel honored to be able to share with the people we serve here.

Pray for spiritual protection and for our health as we have colds after the packed schedule of early mornings and late nights with the outreach group.

Pray for protection for the citizens living in the range of the rockets and for a change of heart for those sending them.

Thankfully, Jamie has been healthy while we have been here, we pray that she will remain in good health.

Peace and Joy to you,
Don and Marta Patten from Caesarea, Israel

Pastor Gary I Kusunoki

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